Branded Entertainment

Fireball SEM is an African Soccer, Sport, Entertainment and Media Company creating content across all platforms of TV, Mobile, Online, Social Media, Print & Music in South Africa and throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fireball SEM creates bespoke branded entertainment for the world’s major advertising agencies and brands, creating innovative ways for advertisers to reach their target demographics, whilst providing opportunities to generate added revenues that help reduce the burden on our broadcast and digital media partners.

Our strengths include entertainment formats, sports formats, reality tv and international co-productions.

We are well skilled at integrating brands into our programming by seamlessly weaving brands/products into the plot or dialogue of our programming. This enables us to create the link in the viewer between the program and their product, virtually guaranteeing that the Brand is seen, no matter what method the viewer chooses to watch the program in.

Fireball SEM is one of the few independent television & media companies noted for its strong relations with leading broadcasters in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and generally throughout sub-saharan Africa – territories typically different to penetrate from Sponsors/Producers based in Europe, Asia and the United States.

We develop develop brand entertainment ideas and content for internet, mobile, pc, music and interactive TV platforms.

Fireball SEM guides and leads some of the World’s leading Brands in the exciting area of technological convergence in TV, Mobile, Digital, Social Media & Music.

For further information please contact Shaun Ascough, CEO of Fireball SEM

Email : Tel : 0027 71 605 3191 Web:

Fireball SEM is a leading African Soccer, Sports, Entertainment and Media company

Fireball SEM is a leading African Soccer, Sports, Entertainment and Media company


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