Fireball SEM is an African Soccer, Sport, Entertainment and Media Company creating content across all platforms of TV, Mobile, Online, Social Media, Print & Music in South Africa and throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

We engage with broadcasters, networks and brands across all platforms to create, produce and distribute a wide range of high-quality and engaging multi-media sports content from

Our multi-layered approach means the audience is able to engage with our projects across a full range of digital platforms including gaming, mobile apps, social media and interactive.

Our main portfolio of Sports programme formats are focussed on Soccer (Football), Mixed Martial Arts, Rugby, Cricket, F1 / Motor Racing & action Sports.

Fireball SEM guides and leads some of the World’s leading Brands with entertaining Sports Formats in the exciting area of technological convergence in TV, Mobile, Digital, Social Media & Music.

For further information please contact Shaun Ascough, CEO of Fireball SEM

Email : Tel : 0027 71 605 3191 Web:

Fireball SEM is a leading African Soccer, Sports, Entertainment and Media company

Fireball SEM is a leading African Soccer, Sports, Entertainment and Media company


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